Have you taken a bunch of pictures in the Cannon Raw format (.cr2) and now need to be able to edit them or view them in a jpeg or png format?

You could open each one in some photo editor and save it in a the correct format. Or you could use ImageMagick to convert them all at once!

On my mac, I used homebrew to install imagemagick with the command:

brew install imagemagick

You'll also need the ufraw package to convert from the cr2 format:

brew install ufraw

Ok you've got all the software you need, now let's convert!

Assume you have a folder in your home directory, under Pictures called "raw"

Then we would run these commands in the Terminal app to convert the .CR2 images to .jpg

change directory to the "raw" folder cd ~/Pictures/raw

convert all the .CR2 files to .jpg, this is case sensitive, so if your raw files are .cr2, replace the upper case CR2 in the command with a lower case version: cr2 for infile in *.CR2; do convert $infile $(echo $infile|sed -n "s/CR2$/jpg/p"); done

If you're on windows you can grab the installer here: http://www.imagemagick.org/script/binary-releases.php#windows

Then in the command line run

mogrify -format CR2 *.jpg