The Aurora 100 is a micro brushless quadcopter from Eachine, similar to the Falcon120. It's no less powerful than the Falcon 120, however it's lighter and therefore more nimble.

Here's some flight video. I flew both line of sight and FPV. This little 100mm quad feels like a 250mm, but without the expense of a larger quad or any of the risks of 5" props. You'll notice the horizon moves the wrong way when I turn. More on this later.

This video was shot on the Eachine VR D2 Pro goggles.


It runs on a 2s battery (you'll definitely want a few extra), has an integrated FrSky RX (non-diversity), 10a 4-in-1 ESC, and OmnibusF3 flight controller. This means it has an integrated OSD!

The only thing not included is a radio transmitter, charger. Grab a couple extra batteries and some extra props, you'll want them since these props are light, high performance and pretty easy to break.

I'm super impressed by how "bind and fly," straight out of the box this thing is. It's almost like I built my own quad and pulled it out of a box and it was ready to go. Everything just works -- voltage monitoring, RSSI,

Branding looks legit. This is high enough quality to be found on any store shelf in the USA.

Beefy manual.

Box is small well padded.

Extra props, some rubber bands and velcro, screw driver and the battery.

It comes with an impressively extensive manual.


It comes with BetaFlight 3.1.0. The main config change is to turn off motor_stop, it's dangerous.

Also, there was a bug with the artificial horizon in the OSD in BetaFlight 3.1.0. It moves the opposite direction that it's suppose to... which you might have noticed in the flight video above.

Upgrading to the latest BetaFlight release will fix this.

The other minor tweak you'll need to make is turn down the auto level PIDs. Other than that, this thing is truly bind and fly -- and it is a blast fly.