This guide will show you how to configure your ESCs with the optimal settings for use with OneShot125, CleanFlight or BetaFlight.

Download the latest BlHeli Suite from here:


It is possible to connect to your ESCs in a variety of ways. I think the easiest way to connect, if you've already identified the microprocessor and flashed BlHeli (with the bootloader) is pass-through programming via CleanFlight or BetaFlight.

If you don't have the bootloader installed, flash that first by following the BlHeli ESCs Identification and Flashing Guide.

The other option, if you don't have a flight controller handy, is to configure them via 1-wire interface. For this you'll need an Arduino Nano (or clone) that we'll flash to make it a 4w or 4 way programmer.

CleanFlight Pass Through

Plug your ESCs into the flight controller, as you normally would, and your ESC into a battery. Make sure the props have been removed.

During testing I use a current-limiting voltage regulator:

Pick the (Cleanflight) interface for either SiLabs or Atmel, depending on your flight controller type:

Choose the correct serial port:

Hit Connect:

Hit Read Setup, then hit OK. I only have 1 ESC plugged in, but there would be more on this list if you had more plugged in:

You'll see the default values for your ESC appear:

Skip to the Update BlHeli section.

1-wire 4-way interface


Connect your ESC servo connector to an Arduino Nano.

Arduino GND <-> ESC GND
Arduino D3 <-> ESC Signal
No Connection <-> ESC 5v Power

If you're using the cheap Arduino Nano clone, you'll need the ch340g usb chip driver.

Flash the Arduino

Switch to the Make Interfaces tab.

Click Make Arduino General

Click OK

Pick the first hex file, the one, with the word MULTI in it.

Update BlHeli

To update to the latest version of BlHeli, click Flash BLHeli:

If BlHeli is already installed, it should pick the right firmware for you, verify this the name matches your ESC then clickOK:

It will write:

Then read:

Then give a success message. Click OK:

It will ask you if you want to write your current settings. Say yes to keep the same settings that you had on the ESC previously:

After writing the settings, it will read the settings from the ESC again. Click OK:

Finally, you should see the updated BLHeli Revision. Click Disconnect and you're done.

Configure BlHeli

If your ESCs support it, you will see an option for Damped Light. Turn this on to make your ESCs do active braking. You want this. Turn it on.

When using BetaFlight, you'll want to turn off Enable PWM, this is the default in BlHeli 14.3.

That's it, you're done with configuration. Be sure to calibrate your ESCs before you fly!