The Falcon 120 is a micro, brushless x-configuration quadcopter. This is a review and setup guide.

The Eachine Falcon 120 is similar to the BeeRotor 160, but ready to fly.


When ordering the Falcon 120, you'll have a choice of what flight controller to order with it. I got the SPRacing F3 flight controller. To run BetaFlight, you'll want at least an F3 flight controller. The SPRacing F3 is not quite as nice as the OmnibusF4, but it'll do the job.

You'll also need a battery. I also ordered a little 4s battery.

Finally, you'll need a receiver. I pick the new (and very performant / cost effective) FrSky XM Micro 16 Channel Receiver.

This tiny quadcopter comes almost ready to fly, in a nicely padded box. It includes a circular polarized video transmitter antenna.

8 4-blade props means you'll have a full set of spares.


We don't need to do too much to finish the assembly and get this ready to fly. However, protip with these propnuts, since they don't have nylock inserts, you'll want to make sure you put some blue threadlock in the nuts. There is a slight problem though, liquid threadlock will interact with the plastic in the propellers and cause them to crack. Therefore, you'll want to put the threadlock in and let it dry.

To prepare the receiver, solder on the 2.54mm pin headers.

I removed the micro JST SH1.0 connector from the quadcopter and soldered on some 2.54mm pin headers.

I zip tied the receiver on the top of the mini-quad and then attached another zip tie for the other antenna.

Use some heat shrink to attach the antennas.


It comes with BetaFlight 3.0.1 installed.

Flash the latest version.

Make sure you set UART2 to SerialRx.

Note that since the flight controller is rotated slightly, you must set the "Board Sensor Alignment" Yaw Degrees to -45 on the configuration tab.

Serial RX is on UART2.

You can get my whole configuration here: