A while back I reviewed a bunch of box style goggles. These single-screen goggles are generally more cost effective, but bigger and less comfortable on the face. This time around I got a couple dual-screen goggles, e.g. FatSharks to try out and see if they're worth the money.

I went all in and bought the best (or at least the most expensive) FatShark Goggles one can buy, the Dominator HD. I also bought a pair of Aomway commander goggles for comparison.


TLDR: you get what you pay for. The Aomway goggles are nice, but the FatSharks are definitely nicer. It's impossible to capture the size and quality of the screens in a photo, but the FatSharks look way nicer. That said, neither are 3-5x better (as their price would suggest) than my box style goggle picks. If you're just getting into the hobby, I'd still start with the Eachine EV800D. If you need portability or prefer the lightweight feel of these smaller, leaner goggles, maybe the FatSharks or Aomways are worth the cash.

Also note that goggles like the FatSharks have 2 screens, one for each eye and the screens are adjustable, but only up to a certain point, so be sure to measure your interpupillary distance (IPD) and make sure it falls within the range of the goggles. The normal range is 59-69mm.

If your eyes are too close or too far apart, you'll want to get single-monitor goggles instead. I did a review of a bunch of these "box" style goggles here.

Unfortunately, the FatSharks are also way more expensive, don't come with an integrated receiver and take way longer to setup.

If you buy a nice diversity receiver for the FatSharks, the quality is about the same. It is a little annoying that the RX I picked for the FatShark receiver always feels like it might fall out, but this wouldn't be a problem with the Furious-FPV True-D module.

FatShark Dominator HD

These are currently the most expensive goggles available, however, they're also the best goggles money can buy. The screens are big and the image quality is great. They come with a battery pack that takes 2x 18650 batteries, but no receiver or antenna.

I installed a split module diversity receiver, but they also sell single modules with diversity that would be easier to install.

I picked up this awesome helical antenna, but a patch antenna pry makes more sense, as it's compact and has almost as high gain (8dbi for the patch vs 11dbi for the helical). Either way, the goggles don't fit in the case with the antenna attached, so It doesn't make much difference.


Extra goggle foam.

Analog and HDMI cables.

New battery holder.


The setup for these goggles is waaaay harder than it should be.

Make sure the wires are in their little groove.

Affix the adhesive-backed velcro.

Next, we'll need to install a receiver module.

This is the side where the main RX goes.

Receiver installation

I used this split module diversity receiver, but the Furious-FPV True-D module also has rave reviews.

The split module increases the distance between the two RX modules, which, in theory should give a bit better reception.

I did not end up installing the included beeper.

Be careful with the plug on the remote module. I ended up re-soldering it and epoxying it to the board. You should probably epoxy it down before installation.

The included covers go with the RX, but they don't fit amazingly well... I might need to tape them in.

Here's how the module fits before modification.

Then I opened them up.

Here is what the internals look like.

And cut away a groove for the wire connecting the modules.

I hot glued in the wiring.

And made sure nothing would short with some electrical tape.


Picture quality

In short, the picture quality is great. It's impossible to capture in a photo, but the screen is bigger, brighter and clearer than the Aomway commanders. If you have the cash and want the ultimate picture quality in the smallest package, go for the FatSharks. However, I actually think that even the low end single-screen, box style goggles have a bigger, brighter, more immersive feel. If you value picture quality above all else, that might be the way to go.

Build quality

The build quality is good, as expected, however the Aomway commanders are on par. Plus, the FatShark face plate the foam is attached to, is a bit bigger than the Aomway goggles. With my very wide face, this is slightly uncomfortable for me as the face plate wraps tightly around my temple area, but your results may vary.


The DVR video quality and ease of recording is great, you get an audible beep when the recording starts / stops, but the placement of the SDCard is terrible. Unless your fingers are the size of toothpicks, you'll never get the card in and out. I always have to go get tweezers or bang the goggles on a table.

Due to the lack of included receiver, when compared to the Aomway commander Goggles, I think the Fatsharks actually have fewer features.

Aomway Commander

The Aomway commanders are surprisingly light and comfortable. Also, they get a big plus for the included diversity RX module (and included antennas). No need to take them apart, to install your own.

The screens are slightly smaller than the Fatsharks, but overall these are great goggles and you wont be disappointed going with them.


The included case is great, albeit a little snug as it barely fits the goggles and the two antennae.

Included parts

No battery is included, but this cool adapter cable lets you use any normal lipo with the goggles.


There really isn't any setup... they basically just come ready to go.

Wow, compared to the Fatsharks, the setup was easy.

Also the battery adapter thing is awesome.


The DVR works great. There is no beep, but a small on screen flag that blinks "OSD" when recording, which is awesome, even better than the beep on the Fatsharks.

Just press the DVR button on the top to start recording.

Everything else works as expected, no big difference from the Fatsharks other than the price and display size.