This is a review of the new HMDVR FPV Video Recorder. Note this also applies to the Eachine ProDVR, which has the same internals.

If you're looking for a recording device, I suggest you also checkout my GO FPV project, which turns your Android phone into FPV goggles and a DVR.


Here are some videos. I recorded both on the lowest resolution (640x480) to roughly match the video quality being transmitted of the 5.8ghz link.

Here's a screenshot of some NTSC video output from my Beerotor 160, note that the video is not cropped.

And this is PAL video output from my Victory 230, note that the video is cropped (there should be another line of text from my OSD, which I can see in my goggles, but not on the recording). Unfortunately, the video is still cropped, even after updating as described below.

Changing recording resolutions did not fix the video cropping.

Here's what it looks like inside:

Sadly, it's not plug and play. It comes with an un-soldered cable, so you'll need to wire it up.

I suggest you get a receiver with two outputs (like the Boscam RC805) and wire one output to the HMDVR and the other output to your monitor or goggles. This way you don't get the video feed to your viewing device from the HMDVR, since there is a significant delay added by the recorder.

Also, the MicroSD card requires a tool to insert and remove. The case is too large, I can't get my finger in the slot to pop out the SD card.

I set it up so the HMDVR always gets the second video output on my receiver. Then I used two servo extension plugs. One on the first output on my receiver and one on the output from the HMDVR. This way, my goggles, which also have a servo plug, can be switched between the receiver and the HMDVR output.

Firmware Update

This firmware update fixes an issue where the HMDVR does not save settings between power-cycles.

Nov 2016 Update: I am told this update fixes the PAL issue, just make sure you turn on your camera before the HMDVR, so it detects the video signal.

  • Download the firmware update:

    • (optional, but recommended), validate that the MD5SUM of CRESFW.BIN is c4c0902558fe10358925be7fe4267cea

    • to do this on a mac, open terminal and run gmd5sum CRESFW.BIN the output value should be the same as above

  • reformat a MicroSD card and put CRESFW.BIN on the card

  • we're about to put the put the card in the HMDVR and power on, but first make sure you know what you need to do next

  • the red led will flash slowly, then quickly, then turn off.

  • make sure you unplug the power to the HMDVR as soon as the light turns off. do not turn off the power while upgrading

  • remove the sdcard and using your computer, check that CRESFW.BIN has been deleted


There are 3 buttons:

  • k1: start recording, the red led will flash, press it again to stop recording

  • k2: press and hold for the menu

  • k3: press and hold for playback mode