When trying to decide what size batteries to get for my new mini-quad, I did some pricing analysis, starting with hobbyking.com. Since ordering from hobbyking is always a bit of a gamble, I hope to add a few more suppliers soon and get a relative view of pricing across the landscape. I am curious about the actual pack composition. If anyone knows what manufacturers (aka, factories) make these, shoot me an email. I'd love to talk to them directly and find out if there is any real difference between brands and suppliers.

To use this report, pick the number of cells S from the selector on the right, Weight and any other properties on which you want to filter.

Note that the Discharge filter allows you to pick a pack that has an adequate C rating, regardless of the mah rating. Simply drag the bottom slider up to the maximum amp draw of your aircraft. E.g. my miniquad will draw at most 11.5amps/motor on a 4S so I would set the minimum Discharge filter to 11.5 x 4 = 46