The Taranis Q X7 has hit the FCC Database. It's real and from the features below, it looks awesome!

From the manual, there are a plethora of 3 position switches:

Features include speech output, logging (via SDCard) and nice gimbals (at least on paper):

Here is the SDcard port, along with a smart port and USB port:

There is an integrated XJT module, which can be turned off in software so an external module can be used:

According to the documentation, there will be three models:

  • Taranis Q X7

  • Taranis Q X7D

  • Taranis Q X7S

Here's what it looks like from all sides:

The one bummer here is that the battery port takes AA batteries and not a LiPo. Modification shouldn't be too hard though.

Internal photos show a huge 128pin LFQP main processor.

This is where the LCD would be.

Looks like there is a separate board and MCU for the audio.

And here is the board for the external module adapter.

If you're as stoked about this radio as I am, you can get notified when they're in stock here: Taranis Q X7.