This article is an intro to the world of brushed-motor micro quadcopters. I've tried out a few and share some thoughts below.

Eachine EX100

The Eachine EX100 is a ready to fly micro FPV racing quad. It's a fun little quad with a 4 to 5 minute flight time. It comes basically ready to fly, just flash BetaFlight and you're ready to go. I also really like how you can have your normal BetaFlight acro mode!

Judging by the video, I to brush up on my pilot skillz :)

Perfect for indoor flying, on the sofa.

EX100 Unboxing

It's tiny compared to my F450 (which is still under construction).

EX100 Flashing

Connect it to BetaFlight and you'll find it comes with an old version of CleanFlight installed. Don't worry, we can fix that :)

Just pick the latest SPRACINGF3 firmware version. Set Full chip erase and a manual baud of 256000 also.

And flash it.

All better! Be sure to calibrate the accelerometer, pick brushed motor output and setup the radio and failsafe before flying.

Eachine E010 Quadcopter

The Eachine E010 Quadcopter and Eachine EF-01 FPV camera.

Here's a photo next to the BeeRotor 130, UltraWhoop

I really like that the E010 has ducted props, which act like big prop guards and that is ready to fly out of the box. The downsides are that this little quad does have acro mode and I only get about 30 seconds to 1 minute of flight time with the stock battery. Once the battery is dead, it won't even lift off the ground.

E010 Unboxing

3D printed Parts

In the photos above, you'll notice I've 3d printed a camera holder. No worries if you don't have a printer, just rubber band the camera onto the top of the quadcopter, It'll work fine. I designed my own version of a camera holder before I found the much lighter on thingiverse.